What it’s like to stay at the Incheon Airport Transit Hotel (with loads of pics!)

By Scott •   •  5 min read

I’m going on record as saying that my one-night stay at the Incheon Airport Transit Hotel was without a doubt the most practical and convenient hotel experience of my entire life.

A full review of my 1 night stay at the Incheon Airport Transit Hotel

Before going any further, it’s important to note that I didn’t say that it was the “best.” It was good, yes, but it’s convenience completely invalidated any negative thoughts I had about it. With that in mind, lets’ continue on with the review…


Located smack dab in the heart of the main terminal at Incheon Airport (ICN), it’s the perfect retreat for weary-eyed travelers such as myself who need to get some rest before continuing on with the rest of their journey.

You can’t stay in this hotel if you don’t have an onward flight connection, so be prepared to show proof in the form of a boarding pass or itinerary. I simply showed the front desk agent the email itinerary on my phone, and that was good enough.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel location

The Incheon Transit hotel is located smack dab in the center of the terminal – so there is no need to clear passport control and customs.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel entrance

Because it’s on the second level, you’ll need to go up the escalator (or use the elevator) to reach it.

The benefit of the Transit Hotel is that you do not need to clear customs or security to reach it. It’s integrated right into the international departures terminal, so you can literally walk off your flight, check in, sleep for a bit, and then wake up 30 minutes before your onward flight begins boarding. It truly lives up to its name!

The lobby

Before I get to the pics, let me just say that I apologize for shooting all the pics with such a wide angle lens. It was done out of necessity actually – everything about the Incheon Airport Transit Hotel is very tiny and cramped. From the main lobby to the restaurant, to the individual rooms, it’s a tiny place.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel lobby

ICN Transit Hotel entrance – looks like a funky joint, eh?

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel check in desk

Incheon Transit Hotel main lobby and check in desk.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel restaurant

Adjacent to the lobby is the Matina Lounge, which seems to be a good place for a decent meal. Note that I took this pic at 5am when I was checking out, but it was quite busy at 7pm the night before.

Getting to my room

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel hallway

The high-style and funky design ends abruptly as soon as you pass the front desk.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel Room 124

Room 124 was mine for the night.

The room

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel room entrance

Walking in and seeing the room for the first time.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel room

Nothing fancy here – just a place to sleep!

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel twin beds

The room was a bit smaller than I expected (although larger than the room I had at the Royal Haneda Park Hotel at the Haneda Airport in Tokyo), but it didn’t matter – I wasn’t expecting a 5-star experience.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel in room desk

The desk was large and convenient.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel 120V electrical outlets

US-style 120V electrical outlets. Boy was I glad to see this! I didn’t have a Korean-style electrical plug adapter with me, and my phone was in dire need of a recharge.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel room details

Everything about this room was bare bones. But like I said – it didn’t matter, since all I needed was a place to sleep.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel room colors

Looking back towards the main entrance.

The bathroom

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel toilet

Yes, there are full-size private bathrooms in the ICN Transit Hotel.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel bathroom and shower

Full-size shower too. Nice!

Final thoughts

As you can see, the overall experience was more akin to a college dormitory rather than a luxury hotel. And there isn’t a thing wrong with that. All I was looking for was a place to shower and sleep, and I found this place to be perfect for that, and far more convenient than an offsite airport hotel (such as the Incheon Grand Hyatt).

Warning: it’s noisy!

This is a transit hotel situated in the middle of a gigantic international airport, so you’ll have to deal with the noise of other travelers coming and going at all hours of the night.

I didn’t have earplugs with me on this trip, but they would have come in mighty handy during my stay here. I was woken up countless times all though the night by the sound of people dragging their luggage down the hallway, slamming doors, yelling for their kids to hurry up, etc. It’s an active place.

Despite the noise and activity, I found the convince to outweigh any negative things by a pretty far margin. I would stay here again without even thinking twice about it – though I will be sure to have industrial-strength ear plugs in my bag.


Scott is the founder and author of SleepAndReview.com, and has been a frequent traveler since 2014. He never had any aspirations of being a hotel reviewer, but one thing let to another, and...well...here we are.