Don’t worry – the Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc doesn’t suck (at all)

By Scott •   •  8 min read

I’d be lying to you if I said that I wasn’t a wee bit apprehensive about my upcoming stay at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Grand Blanc Michigan. I mean, it’s not exactly the best hotel brand in the world, and its location right off Interstate 75 (in the middle of nowhere) seemed a bit suspect.

Long story short, it was a surprisingly nice experience. The following pictures and words will explain why…

My full review of the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Grand Blanc Michigan

So yeah. This Fairfield Inn is located in a fairly new cluster of hotels right off Interstate 75 and N. Holly Rd in Grand Blanc. Having grown up just 5 miles south of here, I always thought it was weird that they decided to put a cluster of hotels in that exact spot. It made no sense (there is very little industry in the area), but what do I know?

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc exterior

Welcome to the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Grand Blanc! It’s a nice looking property for sure, but you just know that swoopy awning gave the contractor who built this place heartburn. At least a little.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc EV charging stations

It was nice to see EV charging stations out front – though I’m willing to bet anything these will stop working halfway through the winter. Call me pessimistic, but I grew up in Michigan and I know what happens here from November to March. It’s brutal!

Checking in

I checked in for my stay via the Bonvoy mobile app several hours before arriving. I was hoping to get a mobile key so that I could just walk right into the hotel and straight to my room, but it didn’t exactly turn out that way.

Although I was able to check in via the mobile app, it wasn’t able to issue a room key until I checked in at the front desk. The nice lady there was more than happy to oblige, though I did have to wait a minute for her to show up. There wasn’t much going on in the lobby when I arrived (3pm on a Sunday afternoon).

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc Lobby

Hello? Anyone home?

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc check in desk

Just as how a watched pot never boils, a watched check in desk doesn’t produce any hotel employees either.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc lobby lounge

I had a little time to look around while I waited, and I liked what I saw. This is a Fairfield Inn? Whoa.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc printer station

I was almost tempted to start printing the Internet while I waited (via this convenient printer station).

Getting to my room

I was given suite number 217 for this one night stay, which is located on the second floor. You can access the upper floors via an elevator or stairs – whatever works for you.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc elevators

Thankfully the nice check in lady appeared before I made good on my threat to print the Internet. Up the elevators I go!

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc guest room hallway

The guest room hallways are nice, though it looks like someone recently took their frustrations out on that poor trash can. Maybe the elevator was taking too long? Who knows.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc room 217

Room 217 is mine for the night. Fingers crossed it’s a good one…

My suite

I started to feel really bad about all the negative things I was thinking about this hotel as I was opening the door to my suite. Right away, I was extremely impressed with what I saw. The suite was huge, well designed, and everything looked brand spankin’ new.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc suite

Okay then. This is definitely nicer than I was expecting!

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc suite size

Any hotel room large enough to park a full size truck in is good enough for me. This’ll do nicely.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc suite layout

The only bad thing about this suite was the realization that I could have brought more stuff with me. What am I going to do with all this space??

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc suite overview

Running naked at full speed from one end to the other over and over again was certainly a fun option. Maybe I even did it? Or maybe I didn’t. I’m never telling.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc bed

The bed was fantastic by the way.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc king bed

Oh the stories this bed could tell. Actually, I don’t think I want to hear them.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc suite TV

Not only is there a TV on the wall directly opposite the bed, there’s another one in the other room of the suite. It was an excellent place to watch Sunday Night Football after a grueling day of reviewing this Fairfield Inn. It’s lot harder than it looks, ok?

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc suite couch

My rear end approves of this couch. Except for the farting noise it made whenever I moved.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc suite desk and chair

For a more IMAX-like experience, try the green chair.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc suite bedroom and living room

Looking the other way (from the bedroom to the farting couch).

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc alarm clock and phone

For those of you stuck in the 90s, you’ll be happy to know that there is a phone and alarm clock next to the bed. Aren’t we all using our own mobile devices for this kind of stuff now?

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc view from room

The view! Autumn is the best season in Michigan IMHO, and this room had an excellent view of the foliage.

A word of warning: the walls in this hotel are extremely thin. You’ll hear every step of the people in the rooms around you, and it can be annoying if you’re a light sleeper.

The bathroom

There’s not much to say about the bathroom, other than the fact that it’s slightly nicer than what I was expecting. Everything was perfectly functional, and looked like it had just been installed yesterday.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc bathroom

The bathroom. I appreciated the proximity of the Kleenex next to the toilet, as it would’ve come in real handy if I got myself into a situation where toilet paper wasn’t going to be enough.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc bathroom vanity

Well, at least you won’t have to worry about drowning in the sink.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc shower

There was no tub in this room, but the party-sized shower was a nice consolation.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc bathroom mirror

The reflections in the mirror were horrific though. They really need to do something about that.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc bathroom soap amenities

Oh – they were even kind enough to offer these soaps and wipes to help you look your best for whatever it is you came to Grand Blanc for.

The food situation

The easiest and most convenient way to get something to eat at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Grand Blanc is it the restaurant located just off the main lobby. They also offer room service.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc restaurant

Either the restaurant wasn’t open when I took this pic, or the food here is really bad. I have no way of knowing unfortunately.

It’s also worth noting that this hotel is within walking distance to a Taco Bell and a Culver’s.

The suite I had featured both a microwave and a refrigerator, so I opted to drive 5 miles down N. Holly Rd. to the Holly Foods grocery store to pick up something fresh. That was a much healthier option than fast food.

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc in room refrigerator

Not only was this refrigerator really convenient…

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc in room microwave

…this in room microwave greatly expanded my dining options for the evening. Thanks Fairfield Inn!

Fairfield Inn Grand Blanc in room coffee

The coffee machine left a lot to be desired though. At least they tried.

Final thoughts

I never would’ve imagined the Grand Blanc Fairfield Inn to be such a nice hotel (I was expecting it to be more like the Hilton Garden Inn at the Phoenix Airport). The suite that I had was nothing short of a fantastic considering how little I paid for it.

I would absolutely stay at this hotel again! However, because it was so good, it makes me wonder how good some of the other hotels in the immediate area are. Maybe I’ll try one of those next time…


Scott is the founder and author of, and has been a frequent traveler since 2014. He never had any aspirations of being a hotel reviewer, but one thing let to another, we are.